Komputers for Kids

Edmonton Tek started Komputers for Kids in 2006 as a pet project to see how a computer in the home benefited children and their learning habits. Our first goal was to identify and select 50 elementary school children from low income families who did not have a computer in their home.

Once we had the families selected, we gave each family a refurbished computer along with internet access, and a flash drive for the children to take homework back and forth from school.

What we found on average, was that each child’s grades went up by at least a full grade, but more importantly, their study and learning habits changed. Their comprehension of materials was greater, and knowledge retention was boosted. Parent’s of the children also took a more active role in school activities and their learning process.

Since that time, Edmonton Tek has donated more than 3950 computers to low income families from monetary donations (We use this money to buy computers from auctions), or donated computer systems which we then refurbish.

Each family is given the following items: (Specifications based on purchases from auctions or donations)

  1. Computer Tower
  2. Computer monitor
  3. Keyboard and Mouse
  4. Shaw High Speed 10 Internet Package
  5. 8GB Flash Drive for transporting homework from school <> home

*** I personally pick up all systems, completely erase all previous data, and then distribute them. ***

Donations to date (Since January 1, 2013): $750.00

Goal for February 2013: $1900.00

We current have requests for:

31 Desktop Systems (Any school age child) & 18 Laptop/Tablet Systems (Special Needs children only)

Request a system here

If you would like to help out with this great cause, please use the methods below:

We appreciate any and all donations.

For donation by cheque, please mail them to:

Komputers for Kids or Edmonton Tek
6050 Millwoods Road South NW
Edmonton, AB, T6L 1N5


Alan Wilson
Dennis and Shawna MacKenzie – Max Inspection Services
Tony Sorlin
Mary and Thomas Din
Sarah Jennings
Murray and Annette Francis
Freedom Ford
Jody Dyrland – NuView Windows & Doors